Am Ch. Innisfree's Marquessa (USA)


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Benchmark (USA) Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Red Roadster (USA) Am Ch. Weldon's Beau-Tukker (USA)
Am Ch. Innisfree's Kissing Sinner (USA)
Am/Can Ch. Canadian Mist V (USA) Can Ch. Innisfree's Beau Geste (USA)
Am Ch. Innisfree's Karma of Sno Fyre (USA)
Bundas Boston Black Beauty (USA) Am Ch. Bundas Boston Moonshadow (USA) Am Ch. Weldon's Beau-Tukker (USA)
Bundas Blue Rhapsody (USA)
Tzgahn's Cumulo-Nimbus (USA) Sandanoba Trapper (USA)
Rasputin of Teeraak (USA)
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