Am Ch. Silistra's Tradewind (USA)


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
MBISS Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Tradewind (USA) MBISS Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Return Engagement (USA) Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Red Roadster (USA)
Am Ch. Innisfree's Marakesh (USA)
Am Ch. Innisfree's Pegeen (USA) Am Ch. Innisfree's Pegasus (USA)
Innisfree's Tara of Tovar (USA)
Am Ch. Silistra's Stardust (USA) Innisfree's Silistra Sun Flash SD (USA) Innisfree's P J (USA)
Am Ch. Turick's Tulik of Yeso Pac (USA)
Am/Can Ch. Silistra's Andromeda CD SD (USA) Am/Can Ch. Cherskiy's Nachodka O'Brenlar (USA)
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Royal Silistrian CD (USA)
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